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Online termination

Dear bloggers,

For a few weeks now, we’ve been sharing concepts from the renovated “Stage 375” that you may visit during the Energy Heroes’ Early Access. Today, we’ll talk about the game’s website.

Indeed, after more than 9 months of good and faithful service, we have decided to put an end to our relationship with the alpha’s website. It’s sad, but rest assured that it happened without any virtual violence.

Our web knight is now working on a new version that will be ready at the end of March. You’ll have to wait a few days to appreciate the results.

Meanwhile, you can register for free to the Energy Heroes early access by following this link, be ready for change!

Cactusrose – the web communication

The universe: a colourful sequel!


We’re back this week on the art planet to talk about the universe. We will talk about the two main factions present in the game: the E’Nyhm and the Qen’Ory.

In order to make the universe a main component of Energy Heroes, we’ve decided to make these two civilizations differ with two different colour codes: blue and red.
Furthermore, in-game elements and architectures are specific to each faction. That’s how the game’s art and universe are combined to offer the most riveting experience to the players. It also makes the difference between the two teams more obvious in game, which is a good idea, isn’t it?

Here are two new concepts illustrating the differences between the two factions.

The first concept depicts the E’Nyhm, red being their predominant colour and their architecture being massive and technological.

Devblog_Concept_TransRoomRedThe second depicts the Qen’Ory, easily recognizable by the predominant blue colour, by their ethereal and floating buildings.

We will be back very soon to talk again about the universe, but we’ll focus on sound this time. See you next week for new adventures.

Cactusrose – Coloured communication

Join the SCD


This week we’ll be talking about a subject that matters to us: Energy Heroes’ universe.

As player ourselves (yes, our developers do not only spend their time coding, they also play ;)) we wanted Energy Heroes to have a “soul”. That’s why our game designers worked hard to create a rich and consistent universe of which you’ll find a small overview in this article.

Have you spotted the following logo in previously released concepts?


It’s the SCD’s one (Society of Control and Defense). By the way, it’s a reference to another famous acronym, do you know which one? Don’t hesitate to post your answer as a comment.

Back to the subject, this company, created by a human, is one of the most famous in the known universe. Its objective:  take action during important conflicts and use its mercenaries to deal with it on a small scale, preventing long and deadly wars.
In Energy Heroes, you assume the role of one of these soldiers recruited by the company. Join the SCD and fight for peace!

And that’s it for this short glimpse of the universe, see you next week!

Cactusrose – The scenarised communication

A prickly issue: episode 2

Prepare for trouble, make it double! The studio’s pet cactus is back. [link]

Slier than ever, it escaped from the communication office and hid somewhere inside the game engine. It thought that we wouldn’t find it… but we eventually got our hands on it in a quite peculiar place: the brand new Stage375’s aquarium.

In short, this spiky adventure was an opportunity to show you a new area of the beta map.

EH_MRAqualifeSee you next week for new adventures!

Cactusrose – The aquatic communication

Confusing terms

Hello everyone!

A promise is a promise! However, before showing you the very first beta concepts (just released from our artistic factory), I would like to focus a little on two terms used in the video game industry that sometimes lead to confusion: alpha and beta.

The difference? The alpha’s purpose is to test the gameplay (for instance: is the game fun?) and not to give a preview of the visual aspect. On the other hand, the beta must include stable gameplay and the visual aspect must rock as our art director would say.
Let’s get back to our artistic topic, we have decided to show you two beta concepts for the 3v3 map along with their alpha counterparts for the sake of comparison.

stage375_alphavsbeta_02_720 stage375_alphavsbeta_03_720
We hope you will appreciate these new concepts, see you next week! :)

Cactusrose – The confused communication.

Back to the past (That’s really the title)!


News about Energy Heroes’ development have run scarce lately and we apologize for that. However, no news doesn’t mean that nothing happened, far from it! Here is a little summary of our last adventures.

After our trip in Korea during the Animasia Festival in October, we jumped in the plane and visited France capital in order to attend the Paris Game Week.

20151027_131021 copieIn the course of this event, we had the opportunity to defend our project during the Development Awards ceremony in which we were nominated for Best Social Game. It was also a great opportunity to present the game to the public. Unfortunately, we didn’t get any trophy, and maybe that’s a good thing since it would have made the metal detector ring on the way back at the airport.

20151028_090810 copieThe jet lag was difficult to overcome for our project manager.

20151028_100358 copie

In the meantime, we moved the studio in a new galaxy (well, on the second floor), and we have been looking for talent all around France in order to complete our team. In short, we wanted to tell you that the Energy Heroes production is still ongoing, and we will give you more news in 15 days with a new devblog article comprising exclusive visual from the incoming Energy Heroes Beta.

Eventually, the entire EH Team wish all of you a happy new year 2016 that’s going to be, we hope, one of video games.

Cactusrose – The overbooked communication.

A journey to Korea for DSC Studio22

Greetings to you, gamers and Asiatic Culture enthusiasts!

Since the online alpha closure, developers have been tracking bugs and artists have been drawing on their tablets in order to address your feedback and suggestions.
While some of us are getting the next Energy Heroes alpha ready, I (the communication lady) am taking care of our next video-game expedition: the Animasia Festival.

Friends from Bordeaux and from further realms, we’ll be at the Animasia Festival from October 10th to October 11th (Bordeaux), don’t hesitate to come.

On the program? A human sized adventure in the video-game industry (what a video game studio like DSC Studio22 looks like), development anecdotes, and we will of course be pleased to answer your questions.

And there’s more! The Animasia Festival will also allow you to discover Asiatic Culture thanks to many activities, prestigious guests (guest list link). This event is organized by the mighty Mandora association.

We won’t go there empty handed! What about an exclusive Animasia skin? If you want one, come at the DSC Studio22 stand from October 10th to October 11th. :)
We still have a lot on our plate though! See you in a few days for more information, stay tuned!

Cactusrose – The factual communication.

The Energy Heroes alpha prolonged!

Dear alpha testers,

We are back this week for a new announcement: the Energy Heroes alpha will be extended! The end of the alpha, initially scheduled for the 17th of August 2015, will in fact happen a few weeks later!
This alpha phase is very important for our developers as it’s the best time to test, to change and to adjust the gameplay in order to make the game as enjoyable as possible.
That’s why we are counting on you! Register if it’s not already done, talk about the game to your friends and invite them to play with you during the server working hours (from 7PM to 2AM (GMT+2)). The more of you that play the game, the faster the game reaches the next stage: the beta.

After 15 days of alpha testing, we gathered and processed your first impression, and updated the game a few times. The third update, including the in-game chat, should be released very soon.

J0_Boxe copie

To conclude, get your agendas: a new match against the developers is scheduled for Thursday the 20th of August 2015 at 8PM (GMT+2), the occasion for you to test your skills and challenge the developers! Beware though, they are training hard. Will you be able to beat them? See you on Thursday for the answer! :)

Cactusrose – the competitive communication.

The bug war has been harsh for our developers.

Greetings faithful Energy Heroes mercenaries!

First, we would like to thank you again for your patience, we understand that the servers shutting down may have been unpleasant, however it was necessary. After many hours of intern testing and entire pages of bugs, we are pleased to announce that the Energy Heroes alpha is once more available and working.

IMPORTANT: You must install the new version of Energy Heroes ( version). You’ll discover the game launcher which will make future updates easier.

Further to the servers downtime, and despite our effort to restart the alpha as fast as possible, we encountered many issues with the matchmaking server which prevented the game to work as intended. Our developers died because of that, two times. But good news everyone, not only did we solve this problem, but we also took this opportunity to improve some features (better feedback, balancing etc.). You may find more precise information by reading the soon available patchnote on the forum.

To conclude this fourth article of my blogger career, we would like to share another good news with you: Energy Heroes has been greenlighted by the Steam community!

A big THANK YOU TO ALL OF YOU! We are very pleased by the way you welcomed Energy Heroes and we will do our best for what happens next! If you want to help us make the game, play during the alpha, have fun and give us your opinion. :)

Cactusrose, the bugged communication

The closed alpha is now available!

Greetings future tester,

After more than a year and a half of intense production by our team of mighty geeky knights in Development and Art, we are pleased to announce that the Energy Heroes closed alpha is now available!

Thank you very much for your support during the production, but now is the time to play! Players who receive an alpha key may have access to the following features:

We ask the alpha testers to keep in mind that the game is in alpha 1.0 stage and will evolve a lot over the next months. Alpha testers should report any bug or problem they may encounter using our support page.

We will pay close attention to your reports, your impressions and your comments in order to make the game evolve the way you would like it to be. Don’t hesitate to share your opinion and communicate with us via the forum or on our social pages #EHGame_alpha. Thank you in advance!

New alpha keys will be distributed over the next weeks so new players may join the Energy Heroes community. Keep an eye on social networks and on the official website, keys may be hidden there ;). Meantime, have fun and above all “Change the way you fight!”.


Cactusrose, the experimental communication.

Give Energy Heroes the green light!

Fellow gamers and steam users, hello!

We hope you enjoyed the surprises we unveiled this month. The launch of the community website and the release of the gameplay video bring us closer to our next objective: the alpha release scheduled in a few weeks.

Meanwhile, you can join our first registered users and interact with them on the forum or on our social networks.

If you still haven’t watched the gameplay trailer, here is your second chance:

June is not finished yet and we still have announcements to make. Are you ready to support us on Greenlight?

We hope so, because Energy Heroes is now ready to receive your votes on Greenlight. What are you waiting for? Give Energy Heroes the green light, vote for the project and “Change the way you fight!” with us!


As an indie studio, your opinion matters a lot to us because it permits us to make a game you will enjoy. Do not hesitate to share your opinion and give your suggestions about the game.

Stay tuned, other announcements will come very soon! Like, share and make some noise for Energy Heroes!

Cactus, the green communication