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Stairways to Energy Heroes


Since the alpha, many modifications and improvements have been made. One of them may seem especially trivial, however it made our 3D modelers and UV unwrappers go crazy, and, even worse, it made SCD’s older mercenaries angry: access ramps have all been replaced by stairs.

At first, you could think it’s easy… then you hear modelers grumble about the “Art director’s stairs” and you witness the animators, covered in bruises through jumping right into the studio’s stairs in order to observe what happens when the human body fights its worst enemy: gravity (good thing animators are quite tough).

Live testimony: “At first, I thought that it would be simple, that I just would have to duplicate steps. It’s only 153 steps later that I realised how wrong I was.” – Anonymous modeler

Eventually, when you’ll have the opportunity to gambol through the Stage375 firing at anything that moves, have a thought for the brave who made the 387 steps constituting the map’s stairs.

Breenoux – Special reporter.

Join the SCD


This week we’ll be talking about a subject that matters to us: Energy Heroes’ universe.

As player ourselves (yes, our developers do not only spend their time coding, they also play ;)) we wanted Energy Heroes to have a “soul”. That’s why our game designers worked hard to create a rich and consistent universe of which you’ll find a small overview in this article.

Have you spotted the following logo in previously released concepts?


It’s the SCD’s one (Society of Control and Defense). By the way, it’s a reference to another famous acronym, do you know which one? Don’t hesitate to post your answer as a comment.

Back to the subject, this company, created by a human, is one of the most famous in the known universe. Its objective:  take action during important conflicts and use its mercenaries to deal with it on a small scale, preventing long and deadly wars.
In Energy Heroes, you assume the role of one of these soldiers recruited by the company. Join the SCD and fight for peace!

And that’s it for this short glimpse of the universe, see you next week!

Cactusrose – The scenarised communication

A prickly issue: episode 2

Prepare for trouble, make it double! The studio’s pet cactus is back. [link]

Slier than ever, it escaped from the communication office and hid somewhere inside the game engine. It thought that we wouldn’t find it… but we eventually got our hands on it in a quite peculiar place: the brand new Stage375’s aquarium.

In short, this spiky adventure was an opportunity to show you a new area of the beta map.

EH_MRAqualifeSee you next week for new adventures!

Cactusrose – The aquatic communication

Confusing terms

Hello everyone!

A promise is a promise! However, before showing you the very first beta concepts (just released from our artistic factory), I would like to focus a little on two terms used in the video game industry that sometimes lead to confusion: alpha and beta.

The difference? The alpha’s purpose is to test the gameplay (for instance: is the game fun?) and not to give a preview of the visual aspect. On the other hand, the beta must include stable gameplay and the visual aspect must rock as our art director would say.
Let’s get back to our artistic topic, we have decided to show you two beta concepts for the 3v3 map along with their alpha counterparts for the sake of comparison.

stage375_alphavsbeta_02_720 stage375_alphavsbeta_03_720
We hope you will appreciate these new concepts, see you next week! :)

Cactusrose – The confused communication.