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A highly musical programmation

Dear devblog reader,

It’s been too long since we last read each other. I will not talk about graphics today, but about another artistic side of the project: the music.

Indeed, we’ve been working hard with a composer (Matthieu) since the end of last year, and more recently with a sound designer (Pierre), in order to create the music and sound identity of Energy Heroes.

It’s now with pleasure, and after many discussions and visits of the SCD Manta, that we let you have a little sneak peek at the main theme of the game.



You will be able to listen to the full track later, with many surprises! Dear reader, do not hesitate to react on social networks and on the devblog to tell us what you think of the musical style of the game.

I must go now, I have spacepony.

See you soon devblog readers!

Xarden, outer space sheet music.

Online termination

Dear bloggers,

For a few weeks now, we’ve been sharing concepts from the renovated “Stage 375” that you may visit during the Energy Heroes’ Early Access. Today, we’ll talk about the game’s website.

Indeed, after more than 9 months of good and faithful service, we have decided to put an end to our relationship with the alpha’s website. It’s sad, but rest assured that it happened without any virtual violence.

Our web knight is now working on a new version that will be ready at the end of March. You’ll have to wait a few days to appreciate the results.

Meanwhile, you can register for free to the Energy Heroes early access by following this link, be ready for change!

Cactusrose – the web communication

The universe: a colourful sequel!


We’re back this week on the art planet to talk about the universe. We will talk about the two main factions present in the game: the E’Nyhm and the Qen’Ory.

In order to make the universe a main component of Energy Heroes, we’ve decided to make these two civilizations differ with two different colour codes: blue and red.
Furthermore, in-game elements and architectures are specific to each faction. That’s how the game’s art and universe are combined to offer the most riveting experience to the players. It also makes the difference between the two teams more obvious in game, which is a good idea, isn’t it?

Here are two new concepts illustrating the differences between the two factions.

The first concept depicts the E’Nyhm, red being their predominant colour and their architecture being massive and technological.

Devblog_Concept_TransRoomRedThe second depicts the Qen’Ory, easily recognizable by the predominant blue colour, by their ethereal and floating buildings.

We will be back very soon to talk again about the universe, but we’ll focus on sound this time. See you next week for new adventures.

Cactusrose – Coloured communication