Greetings, it’s the second coming of the graphic’s side of the force. After a presentation of the matchmaking last time, here is a video with a piece of our animators’ work, today we will introduce you with another important side of Energy Heroes: the in-game interface.

In-game and out of game interface

The out of game interface, which won’t be approached today, will allow the player to manage his account, check his stats and successes, buy some stuff, prepare his games, and interract with the community. It’s a puzzle thingamajig on several points (even too much points).

The in-game interface will allow the player to have at any moment information on the game at hand, his ammo, and his cooldowns (skill availability time).
It has to be practical, readable, usable in any circumstances and above all, it has to be compatible with the  BG-140 semantic comprehension module. Ah, I, … No, it’s not the same topic.



We are doing a game which goes out of the ordinary. A mix between TPS and classic MOBA, a MOSS as we titled it. We need then a TPS interface displaying as much information as the MOBA’s one: a MOSS interface.

A reactive interface, which doesn’t become a timeout, or a drag. The in-game interface of Energy Heroes has been made in order to allow the player, in a blink of an eye, to see the information that he wants to see, whithout losing the battlefield from sight. Here is how we use the space:

HUD_ZoningIn gray are the permanently displayed parts (information on the weapon, on one’s own character, etc.) and in blue are displayed the foldable elements. These elements, or rather screens, are organized by category:

  • F1: Teams – It displays the players of the game, their objects, their life, energy bars, and some more useful information.
  • F2: Character – Where one has access to stats and objects of his own character.
  • F3: Map – Which displays itself in full screen for more readability of the map.
  • F4: Skills – It displays information on the character’s skills and allows to make it evolve.


In the end

Here is a little overview of this in-game interface, as it was thought. For the alpha, the interface may slighty change, but currently the teams are only composed of 3 players. Interfaces in Energy Heroes are propulsed with Scaleform and Unreal Engine 3. They are made under Flash.


That’s all we will tell you on the interface for the moment! It’s not fun if we spoil everything at a moment, so until next time !

See you soon!

Xarden, graphic interface

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