A journey to Korea for DSC Studio22

Greetings to you, gamers and Asiatic Culture enthusiasts!

Since the online alpha closure, developers have been tracking bugs and artists have been drawing on their tablets in order to address your feedback and suggestions.
While some of us are getting the next Energy Heroes alpha ready, I (the communication lady) am taking care of our next video-game expedition: the Animasia Festival.

Friends from Bordeaux and from further realms, we’ll be at the Animasia Festival from October 10th to October 11th (Bordeaux), don’t hesitate to come.

On the program? A human sized adventure in the video-game industry (what a video game studio like DSC Studio22 looks like), development anecdotes, and we will of course be pleased to answer your questions.

And there’s more! The Animasia Festival will also allow you to discover Asiatic Culture thanks to many activities, prestigious guests (guest list link). This event is organized by the mighty Mandora association.

We won’t go there empty handed! What about an exclusive Animasia skin? If you want one, come at the DSC Studio22 stand from October 10th to October 11th. :)
We still have a lot on our plate though! See you in a few days for more information, stay tuned!

Cactusrose – The factual communication.

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