Back to the past (That’s really the title)!


News about Energy Heroes’ development have run scarce lately and we apologize for that. However, no news doesn’t mean that nothing happened, far from it! Here is a little summary of our last adventures.

After our trip in Korea during the Animasia Festival in October, we jumped in the plane and visited France capital in order to attend the Paris Game Week.

20151027_131021 copieIn the course of this event, we had the opportunity to defend our project during the Development Awards ceremony in which we were nominated for Best Social Game. It was also a great opportunity to present the game to the public. Unfortunately, we didn’t get any trophy, and maybe that’s a good thing since it would have made the metal detector ring on the way back at the airport.

20151028_090810 copieThe jet lag was difficult to overcome for our project manager.

20151028_100358 copie

In the meantime, we moved the studio in a new galaxy (well, on the second floor), and we have been looking for talent all around France in order to complete our team. In short, we wanted to tell you that the Energy Heroes production is still ongoing, and we will give you more news in 15 days with a new devblog article comprising exclusive visual from the incoming Energy Heroes Beta.

Eventually, the entire EH Team wish all of you a happy new year 2016 that’s going to be, we hope, one of video games.

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