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This week we’ll be talking about a subject that matters to us: Energy Heroes’ universe.

As player ourselves (yes, our developers do not only spend their time coding, they also play ;)) we wanted Energy Heroes to have a “soul”. That’s why our game designers worked hard to create a rich and consistent universe of which you’ll find a small overview in this article.

Have you spotted the following logo in previously released concepts?


It’s the SCD’s one (Society of Control and Defense). By the way, it’s a reference to another famous acronym, do you know which one? Don’t hesitate to post your answer as a comment.

Back to the subject, this company, created by a human, is one of the most famous in the known universe. Its objective:  take action during important conflicts and use its mercenaries to deal with it on a small scale, preventing long and deadly wars.
In Energy Heroes, you assume the role of one of these soldiers recruited by the company. Join the SCD and fight for peace!

And that’s it for this short glimpse of the universe, see you next week!

Cactusrose – The scenarised communication

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